How to install StrapiGPT?

StrapiGPT is an open-source plugin available at Github and NPM. Here are the steps to install StrapiGPT:

1. Install Plugin with
npm install @thirdrocktechno/strapi-gpt
2. Enable the Strapi plugin

Goto <strapi app root>/config/plugins.js Add the following code snippet.

module.exports = (env) => ({
  // ...
  "strapi-gpt": {
    enabled: true,
3. Build and start the Admin UI

Afterward, you must build a fresh package that includes the StrapiGPT plugin. For it, please execute the commands below:

npm run build
npm run develop

The StrapiGPT plugin should appear in the Plugins section of the Strapi sidebar after you rerun the app.